Working at N-Pax


For the last 10 years, N-Pax was able to expand from a ten-people team into an established software development company with over 100 full-time employees. N-PAX was able to expand giving birth to its affiliate companies namely; N-PAX Professional Services, Inc. and N-PAX Systems and Consulting,Inc..We turned into a team of goal-oriented professionals whose experience and enthusiasm deliver success to the company and its customers. As stated in our Company Objective, “Where Quality is Just a By Product”,  we believe in the involvement of the people with the organization which constantly motivates each individual professionally and personally in a congenial and collaborative work environment.

N-Pax Cebu Corporation is a fast growing company. Together with its other affiliate companies it constantly search for new IT and other industry professionals. Formal processes for selection of the right candidates, identifying training needs, performance appraisals and career planning of employees are done. Our culture ensures that a strong team spirit binds everyone and that people are constantly motivated to go beyond their individual capacities.

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N-PAX strives for better performance of both the employee and the organization.
Our people possess values like Team Work, Customer Satisfaction, Commitment to Quality, Empowered People, Profitability, and Leadership. We stimulate working environment that accompanies creativity, openness and informal of which are all governed by teamwork, mutual trust and equality for all. We use these ideas to improve performance and motivation levels of the employees towards personal and organizational growth. The open work environment gives each programmers/developers ready access to be experts in their fields, and thus, great learning opportunities are available. We also make every efforts to ensure career development opportunities that help our people to trace their own career paths.

N-PAX is a place where talented and hardworking people can fully reach their potentials. Challenging yet friendly atmosphere contributes to our employees’ performances.

We believe that our success as a company is the result of every team member’s personal achievement.




We, as an organization, always reward our people great incentives such as Performance Bonus, Quarterly Incentives, Trainings for personal enhancement and Annual achievement awards. These are just some of the ways in which N-Pax appreciates and reaches out to its people.

We have wide gamut of schemes that cater almost every personal need of our employees.

Additional benefits which can be awarded upon regularization:

  • Medical Insurance/ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme
  • Leave Encashment
  • Employee Referral Policy
  • Retention Bonus
  • Additional performance bonuses
  • Annual Achievement Awards with gift certificate
  • Support on Certifications exams

Having fun is an integral part of the job, and N-PAX has its share of parties, picnics, games and celebrations  both for the employees and for their families. We believe that fun is a spice for better performance.

Job Openings

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Cebu Apply Now
Accountant Cebu Apply Now
Junior Programmer/Deployment Staff Cebu/Manila Apply Now
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