N-PAX Group Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is made as guidelines concerning data collected to parties in which N-Pax Cebu Corporation and its group companies (herein collectively referred to as N-Pax Group) will be doing business with.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

N-Pax Group deals with data handling and usage. Therefore, we will collect data deemed to be necessary for, but not limited to, system study, implementation, deployment and delivery of N-Pax Group’s products and services. We may collect personal information which identifies an individual or relates to an identifiable individual which may include, but not limited to; name, home and/or office address, telephone number, e-mail address, company affiliation etc., to be used for, but not limited to, the aforementioned purposes.

Data will be collected by an authorized representative/s of N-Pax Group. Purpose for the collection of data will be defined and will be relayed to the relevant person.

There are unavoidable circumstances that the need to use personal information outside the purpose and scope of the system study, implementation, deployment and delivery of N-Pax Group’s products and services may arise. If this happens, N-pax Group shall use the said information if permission from the relevant person is obtained or if there are Laws, policies and standards concerning the protection of personal information that permit.

Disclosure, Data Correction and Withdrawal

N-Pax Group shall disclose personal information, upon request, to authorized persons only. Upon the confirmation of identity of the person through ways prescribed by N-Pax Group, personal information will be made available.

If there will be errors and faulty in the disclosed information, it will immediately be corrected by N-Pax Group.

N-pax Group, also, shall withdraw personal information from the data collected upon request of the relevant person.

Personal Data Protection Statement

Below statements outline the N-Pax Group privacy policy in collecting and using of necessary personal information. N-pax Group shall;

  1. Observe the governing Laws, ordinances, policies and rules pertaining the Protection of Personal Data.
  2. Make utmost effort in protecting personal data of parties that it will be doing business from illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure, plagiarism, loss as well as theft. N-Pax Group shall make necessary actions if and only if the aforementioned instances happened.
  3. Adhere to the internal rules, policies and standards of parties it will be doing business pertaining the data collection and utilization.
  4. Ensure data collected will be relevant to the purpose it will serve.