N-PAX Group Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is made as guidelines concerning data collected to parties in which N-Pax Cebu Corporation and its group companies (herein collectively referred to as N-Pax Group) will be doing business with.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

N-Pax Group deals with data handling and usage. Therefore, we will collect data deemed to be necessary for, but not limited to, system study, implementation, deployment and delivery of N-Pax Group’s products and services. We may collect personal information which identifies an individual or relates to an identifiable individual which may include, but not limited to; name, home and/or office address, telephone number, e-mail address, company affiliation etc., to be used for, but not limited to, the aforementioned purposes.

Data will be collected by an authorized representative/s of N-Pax Group. Purpose for the collection of data will be defined and will be relayed to the relevant person.

There are unavoidable circumstances that the need to use personal information outside the purpose and scope of the system study, implementation, deployment and delivery of N-Pax Group’s products and services may arise. If this happens, N-pax Group shall use the said information if permission from the relevant person is obtained or if there are Laws, policies and standards concerning the protection of personal information that permit.

Disclosure, Data Correction and Withdrawal

N-Pax Group shall disclose personal information, upon request, to authorized persons only. Upon the confirmation of identity of the person through ways prescribed by N-Pax Group, personal information will be made available.

If there will be errors and faulty in the disclosed information, it will immediately be corrected by N-Pax Group.

N-pax Group, also, shall withdraw personal information from the data collected upon request of the relevant person.

Personal Data Protection Statement

Below statements outline the N-Pax Group privacy policy in collecting and using of necessary personal information. N-pax Group shall;

  1. Observe the governing Laws, ordinances, policies and rules pertaining the Protection of Personal Data.
  2. Make utmost effort in protecting personal data of parties that it will be doing business from illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure, plagiarism, loss as well as theft. N-Pax Group shall make necessary actions if and only if the aforementioned instances happened.
  3. Adhere to the internal rules, policies and standards of parties it will be doing business pertaining the data collection and utilization.
  4. Ensure data collected will be relevant to the purpose it will serve.




NRI partners with N-PAX


Nomura Research Institute Ltd. a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions announced that it reached agreement on October 20, 2014 to form capital and business alliance with N-Pax Cebu Corporation.

“Through this alliance, NRI will respond to the growing market and diversification of customer needs for IT services in the Philippines and other parts of South East Asia by building framework with N-PAX for the provision of high-quality IT services.”

“NRI Forms Partnership with Philippine Firm towards Reinforcement of IT Services in Southeast Asia.” Nomura Research Institute, 23 Oct. 2014. Web. 27 Oct. 2014< http://www.nri.com/global/news/2014/141023.aspx>

N-Pax tops 13th Cebu G-Tour


Image: July 9, 2014 Issue. Business Page, B1,Philippine Daily Inquirer.

July 9, 2014–Cebu.

This year’s G-Tour championship accolades went to the team of N-Pax’s Philip Conde and Takahiro Toda, Profoods’ Justin Uy, Globe Business’ Jonathan Andaya and Fairchild’s Edwin Semilla for Division 1. 

Article: Globe Business Cebu G-Tour attracts top Visayan corporate golfers anew. July 9. 2014.http://www.globe.com.ph/press-room/globe-business-cebu-g-tour




N-PAX Systems and Consulting, Inc.

 We think global.


N-Pax Systems and Consulting is also an umbrella company of Ng Khai group of companies that has been operating for more than 10 years in the Philippines. In  2011, NSC started providing high quality and high standard software services. As part of Ng Khai group of companies, N-Pax shares the tradition of excellence in products and services with N-Pax Cebu Corporation, Accountmate Philippines and Ng Khai Development Corp.

N-Pax Systems and Consulting is providing shared services for IT consulting and software development. Our partners are Beeline and Pontoon Solutions which are top workforce IT solutions in the US.

NSC is an IT software company that comprises of greatly skilled and exceedingly talented individuals. We mainly use MS Technologies and provide not only software services but also total business solutions as well.

N-PAX Professional Services Philippines, Inc.



NPSP aims to provide quality service to clients by providing prolific hybrid professionals through collaboration of engineering principles and information technology.

  1. NPSP provides manpower, recruitment and shared services to local and overseas companies requiring software development, computer design and drafting, engineering and other back office processing services.
  2. NPSP provides engineering software configuration and development.
  3. SP3D and PDMS Training
  4. SP3D Customization and  Administration
  5. SPF Customization and Administration
  6. Modeling and IT Support services


N-PAX Cebu Corporation


N-Pax Portfolio for Enterprise Resource Tracking (N-XPERT)


N-XPERT development started in the year 2005 and was introduced  to the market the following year. This product portfolio consists business solution modules for Sales, Procurement, Inventory and Manufacturing. This product entirely relates to project planning, layout, development, installation, application guidance and maintenance.

Why N-Pax N-Expert ERP Solution?

•Caters high profile Japanese-owned enterprise, experienced manufacturing industries, ISO certified companies and industries which are engaged in production control.

•Analyzes business process,  production control and offers consultation services.

•Accepts half scratch in relation to UI/Report to be able to change it according to the business requirement of the client (customization).

•Dedicated staff may stay on the site at the time of installation/application to provide help and to guide during the process.

•Supports stationed Staff for maintenance for large-scale users.

N-XPERT Financial Component (NFC)



N-Xpert Financial Companion is an accounting component of the N-Xpert Total Solution Package.It is geared to facilitate all your accounting needs. Powerful and full featured in compliance to the standards of Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Republic of the Philippines.

Features would include;

  1. Multi-currency set-up.
  2. Provides conversion of Documentary currency to Functional currency.
  3. Automatic computation of tax.
  4. Provides voucher reference numbers for voucher entry trail.
  5. Supports check writing format.
  6. Provides reports on Expanded Withholding Tax (EWT) and Value Added Tax (VAT).
  7. Has BIR Forms reports for easy printing.
  8.  Can generate reports for Accounts Payable and Receivable with Aging.
  9.  Easy monitoring of Account Ledgers (e.g. Trial Balance, General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger).
  10. Easy monitoring of Financial Statements (e.g. Income statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)


Human Resource Companion (HRC)


HRC Central


Human Resource Companion is a desirable assistant;

  1. For your Human Resource(HR) daily activities such as attendance monitoring, preparing employment certifications and other HR documents.
  2. In generating classified listings based on 201 files.
  3. In Automated Payroll Process from Electronic Time recording with direct interface with timekeeping devices up to bank transmittal.
  4. In processing Government remittances and other statutory contributions.

Features Set Summary of HRC

Employee Information Management
  •   Employee   Master File
  •   Personnel   Action and Appointment Management
  •   Position/   Cost Center Movement Monitoring
  •   Employee   Rate Monitoring
  •   Disciplinary   Records Monitoring
  •   Training   Records Monitoring
  •   Personnel   Profile Editing/Viewing
  •   Company   Assets Monitoring
  •   Career   History Recording
  •   Employee   Travel Document Recording
  •   HR   Document Tagging
  •   Education   History
  •   Beneficiary   Recording
  •   Employee   Awards and Recognition Monitoring


Time Keeping/Attendance Management and   Leave Management
  •   DTR   Processing
  •   DTR   Correction with Log Trail plus Assumed Present
  •   Shift/Calendar   Schedule Management
  •   Overtime   Management
  •   Rest   day/Holiday Setting
  •   Work   Location and Transfer Management
  •   Absences,   Tardiness, Under time and Perfect Attendance Management
  •   Leave   Policy Management
  •   Leave   Credit Management
  •   Leave   Balance Monitoring
  •   Personnel   Statistical Report
  •   Personnel   Info reports (i.e. Movements, Training, Offenses and Promotions etc.)
  •   Leave   Reports (i.e. Leave Availment, Leave Credits and Balances, Leave Conversion)
  •   Overtime   Reports (i.e. Approved Overtime, Overtime breakdown)
  •   Time   Keeping Reports (i.e. Ledger reports, Erroneous Logs, Shifts etc.)
  •   Income,   Deductions, and Adjustments Reports
  •   Payroll   Schedule Report
  •   Bank   Debit Memo Report
  •   Payslip   Printing and Email Sending
  •   Summarized   Remittances Report
  •   Premium,   Tax Reports and Certificates
  •   Text   file Generation for Banks, SSS, PAG-IBIG and BIR
  •   Employees   Certificate of Compensation-2316 and Alpha List Reports/Textfile
  • Statistical Reports

Web-Based Online Services

  •   Leave/OB   Availment /Approval Management
  •   Overtime Application/Approval Management
  •   Time   Record Modification
  •   Leave/Overtime/   Time Record Reports
  •   Change   Shift Management
  •   Rest   day Offsetting Management
  •   Cost   Center Movement Application
  •   Work   Group Updating Application
  •   Tax   Code/ Civil Status, Beneficiary, Emergency Contact Update
Payroll System
  •   Leaves   and Deduction Management
  •   Allowances   and Benefits Management
  •   13th   Month and Leave Conversion Processing
  •   Contribution/Remittances   Management
  •   Adjustment   Entry Management
  •   Retroactive   Adjustments Management
  •   Last   Pay Computation
  •   Zero   Out Tax Computation
  •   Previous   Employer YTD Entry
  •   E-Mail   Notifications

About Us


N-Pax Cebu Corporation is a joint venture between Esprint Software of the Ng Khai Group of the Philippines and C-Pax Corporation, a Japanese company with head office in Nara City, Japan.

As part of Ng Khai group of companies, N-Pax shares the tradition of excellence in products and services with Esprint Software, Accountmate Philippines and Ng Khai Development Corp.

Similarly, as part of C-Pax Corporation of Japan, it shares the tradition of excellence in quality and services that the Japanese are recognized worldwide for.

N-Pax, therefore, is a union of the bests of both worlds: of Filipino ingenuity and Japanese passion for quality, commitment and reliability.

At N-Pax, quality is just a by-product. It results naturally from whatever we set our minds and hearts to.

Head Office                   Sacris Road, Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu 6014
Established                   August 2002
President                      Wilson Ng
Managing Director        Takahiro Toda
Vice-President              Jimmy Flores

About Us


2002   Established N-PAX CEBU CORPORATION
2003   Package Software Groupware, Workflow and Project Management System         “Compass”
2004   Business Application Development to USA, Japan and Singapore
2005   BPO Department
2006   ERP System “N-XPERT” Release. Consulting Service Start
2007   Asset Management and PC Monitoring Package TSA (Total System Analyzer)
2008   Human Resource Companion (HRC) Release
2009   Total System Analyzer V2 Release
ERP “N-XPERT” Version 2 Releae


  • Ng Khai Development Corporation
  • Hardware and Software Reseller
  • Microsoft •  IBM • HP • others
  • Package Software
  • Ngenius
  • Consumer Shop